What on Earth is Modern Clubman?

 In short, we're a magazine that seeks to celebrate the things that make life worth living. Fishing, travel, camping, gardening, books, music, film, hunting, really any of the extra curriculars that cannot be done via streaming service or social media platform. We're not going to feature celebrities on our cover, and we'll never set out to answer the question "How much can I spend on a sport coat?" To our minds, the nuts and bolts of life, and of living life well, are far more interesting. 

What is a Modern Clubman supposed to be, anyway?

Wonderful question, glad you asked. A Modern Clubman is anybody who goes out of their way to take part in an activity or a lifestyle that isn't merely the path of least resistance. We take our name from the Clubmen of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, who organized in clubs of all sorts (Explorer's Clubs, Sailing Clubs, Motoring Clubs, Athletic Clubs, Academic Clubs, to name a few). They didn't do this to curry social favor, make money, or pursue notoriety. They did it because it was worth doing and it made life a little bit more fulfilling. Of course, the term as we use it is not exclusive to men, and indeed some of the most ardent and admirable Modern Clubmen among us today are women. 

How Often does Modern Clubman publish?

Modern Clubman is a quarterly publication.

Why do some of the articles lack bylines?

To use an outside example, we've always liked the way The Economist (also without bylines) reads as a cohesive piece of work, even with different writers using different voices, and that's something that some of us want to capture. Additionally, a lot of our contributors have day jobs, and some of them don't want to create the perception of distractedness with their employers. Some of our articles do have bylines, however, because we'd hate to deprive a contributor the opportunity to claim their work and have it acknowledged. Ultimately, it comes down to the author and their preferences. 

Can I write for Modern Clubman?

You absolutely can! In fact, we'd love it if you would. The more voices we're able to hear from, the better the magazine will be. We're determined not to run anything crass, leeringly sexual, or overtly political. A general rule of thumb is that your contribution should be a celebration of something that you like, not a condemnation of something you don't. Beyond that, we'll consider just about anything. Send submissions to submissions@modernclubman.com

Can I advertise in Modern Clubman 

We wish you would! Please send an email to advertising@modernclubman.com to inquire.